Sarah Colquhoun has a Bachelor of Education (Primary) and a Master of Education (Teacher-Librarianship) from Charles Sturt University (Wagga Wagga), and a Diploma of Montessori Education. A Teacher-Librarian at a leading private girls’ school, Sarah previously worked for Latrobe University Library; as a primary school teacher; and as an educator with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, which was established by one of Australia’s leading cooks to encourage a positive ‘food philosophy’ amongst children. Born in Albury and raised on her family’s farm in the Tallangatta Valley (pictured below), Sarah is the mother of three beautiful daughters.

The photographs below include a wonderful picture of Sarah bushwalking with members of the WTM Sydney and WTM Austria Centres in Sydney. Meeting with members of the WTM’s global network of support, both online and in person, is always incredibly inspiring and helps to build amazing fellowship between our Centres on this pioneering project.

  • Sarah Colquhoun World Transformation Movement Albury Centre founder
  • Sarah's family farm
  • World Transformation Movement Sydney and Austria Centre member with Sarah Colquhoun
  • Sarah Colquhoun sitting at the beach

“The relief and knowing that there is a future for everybody and knowing that the pain that everybody is living with now is not going to exist anymore — that’s an incredible relief for humanity, and it’s an incredible relief for me.”

“This information has arrived and it is for everyone. We can make a choice now — we can choose to go down the habituated road of pain, suffering and worry, or we can take the other road which leads to excitement, love and freedom for everybody. The choice is here for all of us now, and I choose to take the road to freedom and happiness because it’s the awesome road to be on. It’s the road that is going to lead to a life full of joy, excitement, wonder and happiness. That’s where I’m going!”

Sarah Colquhoun