Biologist Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition has a profound impact on not only the life of the individual, but the world. This understanding, and the transformed way of living it makes possible, will save every man, woman and child, all creatures great and small, and our incredible natural environment.

“This transforming information brings freedom to our world because with the human condition solved, no longer do we have to live with the pain of not knowing — no longer do we have to search for answers. The information that saves us is now here for us to wrap our arms around and love. We no longer need to worry about whether there’s a future for our children. And the incredible relief of no longer having to spend every minute of every day validating ourselves will bring peace to every individual’s life. People will go from being anxious and sad to a point where they have happiness in their life, they have safety, they have security, they have love — they have all that we need to be able to exist in a world that is just going to be very, very special.” Sarah Colquhoun

In Freedom Essay 15, Jeremy Griffith explains how the finding of the biological explanation of the human condition makes possible the immediate transformation of your and every other human’s life from a human-condition-stricken state to a human-condition-free life of unimaginable happiness and excitement.

The following extract is from Freedom Essay 15: How understanding the human condition can immediately transform your and every other human’s life and save the world.

William Blake’s painting ‘Cringing in Terror’ with arrow to his painting ‘Albion Arose’

William Blake’s Cringing in Terror (c.1794-96) left, and Albion Arose (c.1794-96) right

As this fully accountable, psychosis-addressing-and-solving, real biological explanation of the human condition (that was presented in Video/​F. Essay 3) reveals, when we humans became fully conscious some two million years ago a battle for the management of our lives unavoidably broke out between our already established gene-based, naturally-selected instinctive orientations and our newly emerged nerve-based, understanding-dependent, self-adjusting, fully conscious mind. Unable to explain and understand why we had to challenge our instincts, we became psychologically retaliatory, defensive and insecureupset sufferers of the angry, egocentric and alienated human condition. But having now finally found the explanation for why we had to challenge our instincts, all the retaliatory, defensive and insecure upset anger, egocentricity and alienation can subside and heal. Understanding relieves and replaces the need to be retaliatory, defensive and insecure. As the great psychoanalyst Carl Jung was forever saying, ‘wholeness for humans depends on the ability to own our own shadow’our ‘shadow’ being the dark angry, egocentric and alienated aspects of our lives that we can now ameliorate with understanding. Humans can finally be rehabilitated from a psychologically upset existence to secure ‘wholeness’, health and happiness.

  • Man running from a shadow
  • Portrait of Carl Jung

    Carl Jung

Professor Harry Prosen, former President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association, summarised the healing powers of this human-race-saving understanding of the human condition when he said: ‘I have no doubt this biological explanation of the human condition is the holy grail of insight we have sought for the psychological rehabilitation of the human race.’ (Read Prof. Prosen’s Introduction to the significance of FREEDOM in F. Essay 19.)

Prof. Harry Prosen, Former President, Canadian Psychiatric Association

Professor Harry Prosen

It’s true that while we now have the psychologically relieving understanding to rehabilitate the human race, the complete return to ‘wholeness’, health and happiness will take a number of generations. This is because it usually takes years of psychological healing for all the insecurities, confusions and misunderstandings and their effects to be replaced and repaired with understanding, so it follows that in the case of the largest psychosis of all of the human condition, that healing process will be a generational process.

HOWEVER, while our species’ psychological rehabilitation will take a number of generations, what is of immense importance and is so spectacularly wonderful is that every human can immediately know that he or she is fundamentally good and not bad, and that this knowledge puts each of us in a very powerful position because it means we can legitimately decide not to live in accordance with the upset within us.

Adam Stork - We go from living with the trauma of the human condition to living free of it

In the Adam Stork analogy this is the transition from the tortured angry, egocentric, alienated state to the human condition-free state. See Video/​F. Essay 3 for the explanation of the human condition, including the Adam Stork analogy.

The logic behind making this decision is irrefutable: now that the great goal of the whole human journey of conscious thought and enquiry is achieved and we have found understanding of our conflicted and distressed human condition, all the old retaliatory, defensive and insecure behaviours of anger, egocentricity and alienation that we had to employ to cope while we couldn’t defend ourselves with understanding are no longer needed. They are obsoleted, brought to an end. In fact, with this knowledge of the human condition now found, it would be an act of total irresponsibility, indeed madness, to continue down that old, insecure, defensive and destructive road. The truth is, there is nothing in the way now of every human taking up a magnificent, unburdened, human-condition-free, transformed life!

And, gloriously, what happens when we give up our old way of living and take up the new way of living that understanding of the human condition has made possible, is we transition from a competitive and selfishly behaved individual to a cooperative and selflessly behaved person, a truly integrative part of humanity. Even though we are not yet free of the psychologically upset state of our own personal human condition, we can immediately have a change of attitude and decide not to live out that upset state that remains within us. The overall effect in our lives is that, despite our retention of the upset state of the human condition, we are effectively free from its hold and its influence, which is an absolutely fabulous transformation to have made in an instantin one simple decision!

You and every other human can, as it were, put the issue of all your upsets/​corruptions in a ‘suitcase’, attach a label to it saying ‘Everything in here is now explained and defended’, and simply leave that suitcase behind at the entrance to what we in the World Transformation Movement (WTM) call the Sunshine Highway, and set out unencumbered by all those upset behaviours into a new world that is effectively free of the human condition. (Watch Jeremy Griffith explain how the Transformed Way of Living is adopted in Video/​F. Essay 33.)

Image of highway to sunshine

Continue reading Freedom Essay 15 here. We also recommend watching the wonderful video in which Jeremy talks about the ‘Magnificence of the Transformed State’ that understanding of the human condition allows.